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When someone finds themselves entangled in the justice system, it often begins with an accusation of violating the law. This accusation may stem from various circumstances, such as a traffic stop, a complaint filed by another party, or a police investigation. Once law enforcement officials have reason to believe a person committed a crime, they may proceed to make an arrest. Following the arrest, the prosecutor's office evaluates the evidence and decides whether to file formal charges. If the prosecutor files charges, the accused enters the criminal justice system.

An Alpharetta criminal defense attorney becomes paramount during this challenging and often intimidating time. These legal professionals are staunch advocates for their clients, who face a system where law enforcement officials and prosecutors work diligently to build a case against them. The primary objective of criminal defense attorneys is to safeguard the rights of their clients and facilitate fair treatment under the law. This duty involves meticulously examining the evidence presented by the prosecution, identifying weaknesses or inconsistencies, and constructing a robust defense strategy to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s assertions.

At Houston Washburn Law, we understand the gravity of our clients' situations when confronting criminal charges. With a comprehensive understanding of Georgia's legal landscape, our firm can handle cases ranging from minor traffic violations to serious violent crimes. Led by Attorney Houston Washburn, a third-generation lawyer, our team is committed to vigorously leveraging our knowledge and skills to advocate for our clients' best interests. We prioritize client communication and collaboration, listening to their concerns and developing defense strategies tailored to their unique circumstances.

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Understanding Criminal Charges

Law violations fall into three main types: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Infractions are non-criminal offenses that often result in fines rather than incarceration. Common examples of infractions include traffic violations and municipal code violations. While infractions may not carry the severity of other charges, they still warrant careful attention and, in some cases, legal representation.

Misdemeanors are more serious than infractions and can result in fines, probation, and up to one year in jail. These offenses encompass a broad range of criminal conduct, including shoplifting, simple assault/battery, and driving under the influence (DUI). While misdemeanors are generally less severe than felonies, they can still significantly affect individuals' lives and livelihoods.

Felonies represent the most severe criminal charges and can result in substantial fines and lengthy imprisonment. Offenses such as aggravated assault/battery, rape, armed robbery, and murder are commonly classified as felonies. The repercussions of a felony conviction extend far beyond the immediate legal consequences, often impacting employment opportunities, housing options, and civil liberties.

We possess extensive experience defending clients against a diverse array of criminal charges. Our firm handles cases involving:

  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes
  • DUIs
  • Sex crimes
  • Traffic tickets
  • Violent crimes

Regardless of the nature or severity of the offense, we fight tirelessly for our clients' rights and pursue just outcomes. We recognize the importance of providing compassionate and effective legal representation to individuals facing criminal allegations, and we are committed to guiding our clients through every stage of the legal process with skill and integrity.

Crafting Robust Defenses

When facing criminal charges, the foundation of an effective defense lies in constructing a robust legal strategy. From thorough investigation to strategic evidence collection and development, our firm is committed to equipping our clients with solid defenses.

Our approach involves the following:

  • Investigating the case: The first step in building an effective defense is investigating the details of the alleged offense. This process may involve interviewing witnesses, analyzing police reports, reviewing surveillance footage, and examining other pertinent evidence.
  • Analyzing evidence: Our attorney analyzes gathered evidence once the investigation is complete. This analysis includes assessing the reliability and relevance of witness statements, evaluating forensic data, and scrutinizing any physical evidence. Through this process, we identify strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution's case and formulate effective strategies to counter their arguments.
  • Developing legal strategies: Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the facts and evidence, we develop tailored legal strategies to seek optimal outcomes for our clients. This strategy may involve challenging the admissibility of specific evidence, presenting alternative narratives, or negotiating with the prosecution for favorable resolutions.

With years of experience in criminal defense practice, our attorney has the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to build formidable defenses that stand up to scrutiny in the courtroom.

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