Case Results

Attorney Houston Washburn 
  • Dismissed
    DUI Case (2022)
    The client was pulled over for Speeding 19 over the limit. Our client submitted to field sobriety testing and a blood test. The blood test registered a Blood Alcohol Content amount that is over the legal limit. I was able to investigate and find ...
  • Dismissed
    DUI Case (2023)
    The client was pulled over for a suspected DUI after stopping over the stop line. The client admitted to drinking but was not intoxicated. I was able to find evidentiary issues that helped our case. We were able to negotiate a resolution to dismiss ...
  • Settled for 50,000.00
    Motor Vehicle Collision
    Client was t-boned by a person who ran a red light. My client's car flipped. He went to the emergency room and was discharged the same day. We settled for $50,000.00.
  • 5 Figure Settlement
    Motor Vehicle Collision
    Client was rear-ended by another driver. Client treated for neck and back injuries. Houston negotiated with the other driver’s insurance company for a settlement for $27,000.
  • 5 Figure Settlement
    Motor Vehicle Collision
    Client was delivering pizza when another driver pulled out from a cross street into the roadway. Our client had nowhere to go and hit the other driver’s vehicle. The other driver was cited for failing to yield. After 2 years of litigation and with ...
  • 6 Figure Settlement
    Motor Vehicle Collision
    Client was driving on a moped when a car took a left and hit him head on. Client survived the collision but was severely injured . After some time trying to locate the other driver and her insurance policies, we were able to stack policies to recover ...
  • 6 Figure Settlement
    Motor Vehicle Collision & Wrongful Death
    Client was driving home with his wife one evening. When he turned into his driveway off a main road, he was hit on the passenger side door. Our client’s wife perished due to the collision. Our client was severely injured. The other driver had 2 ...
  • 6 Figure Settlement
    Pedestrian Struck While Crossing the Street
    Client was exiting a fast food restaurant when she was struck by a driver circling the restaurant. The client sustained injuries to her head, neck, back and legs. The other driver was on duty for a company at the time. The client’s friend was able to ...
  • Dismissed
    Sexual Battery
    Client initially charged with Sexual Battery with a Person under 16. The alleged victim lied about her age and the client was unaware of her true age. I was able to get the case dismissed.
  • Dismissed
    Statutory Rape
    Client was accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with his underage girlfriend . Since they were within 2 years of each other, this was considered a misdemeanor referred to as the Romeo and Juliet law. This charge would ruin a person’s life. After ...
  • Charge Dismissed, Reduced to Misdemeanor
    Terroristic Threatening
    After being terminated from his employment, Client was accused of threatening to shoot a co-worker. Client had prior firearm charge in a different county. Houston negotiated with prosecutor to get a deal that would not be a felony. After pointing out ...
  • Charge Amended
    Truck in Unlawful Lane
    Client was a CDL truck driver. He was in the left lane on the highway. He was stopped for driving in unlawful lanes. Houston negotiated a resolution that would not affect his client’s commercial license. The charge was amended to a non-moving and ...
  • Charge Dismissed
    Under 21-year-old Speeding and Reckless Driving
    Client was pulled over for speeding and Reckless Driving. Each of these charges would suspend his license. Houston negotiated a reduction to Speeding and dismissal of Reckless Driving. Client only needed to take a small driving class focused on young ...
  • DUI Dismissed/Plea to Reckless Driving
    DUI, Failure to Obey Traffic Device, Reckless Driving
    Client allegedly ran a red light in front of an officer at 1:30a.m. The officer stopped the client and began his DUI investigation. After our client allegedly failed the Field Sobriety Tests, she was placed under arrest for DUI. She was told to ...
  • Dismissed. Plea to Reckless Driving.
    DUI, Illegal U-Turn
    Client was lost and made U-turn in the middle of the road. Client was pulled over by police. After submitted to field sobriety, he was arrested and submitted to a breath testing. The test results were not very high. Houston was able to use the ...
  • Diversion for Dismissal, DUI not Prosecuted
    DUI, Possession of Cocaine, Unlawful Parking
    Client charged with DUI, Possession of Cocaine, and Unlawful Parking. We negotiated our client to enter into diversion to have his charges dismissed and had the DUI outright not prosecuted.
  • Dismissed/Plea to Reckless Driving
    DUI/Failure to Maintain Lane
    Client was driving north on I-85. Georgia State Patrol estimated he was speeding and began following him. Trooper. The trooper arrested the client for being under the influence of drugs and told him to submit to a blood test. Client was adamant that ...
  • Case Dismissed/Plea to Reckless Driving
    DUI/Failure to Maintain Lane
    Client was driving home when he was spotted and followed by an officer from a neighboring county. Client allegedly crossed the center line and had his tires go into the grass median. The passenger told an officer they had been at a bar. After failing ...
  • Dismissed
    Failure to Maintain Lane
    Our client was driving at night in an unfamiliar area to an apartment complex. Another car was driving close behind the client's vehicle. Our client tried to get into the turn lane to turn into the approaching apartment complex. Our client did not ...
  • Dismissed/Reduced to Misdemeanor
    False Imprisonment & Battery
    Client got into an altercation with his live-in girlfriend. Client was a young man and a felony could ruin his life. Houston worked with the district attorney to reduce the felony charge to a low-level misdemeanor with no jail time.
  • Reduced to Disorderly Conduct
    Family Violence Battery
  • Settled for Policy Limits
    Motor Vehicle Collision
    Client was rear ended. She sustained soft tissue injuries and a seizure. We settled for policy limits.
  • Dismissal of All Counts
    3 Counts of Sexual Battery and Simple Battery
    Client was accused of inappropriately touching a female on different occasions. The facts were unfavorable to the client, but the evidence did not stack up to the stories. The case took over a year and a half to get to trial. During the pendency of ...
  • Dismissed. Immigration hold was lifted.
    Aggravated Assault
    Our client was arrested for aggravated assault. An immigration hold was placed on him. We guided our client and his family through the process of balancing immigration holds and the bonding process. Our client sat in jail for weeks waiting to defend ...
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass
    Aggravated Assault & Criminal Damage to Property
    Client was charged with the felonies of Aggravated Assault and Criminal Damage to Property. She was in a fight with her boyfriend. We were able to negotiate a plea to a misdemeanor criminal trespass.
  • Dismissed
    Boating Under the Influence
  • Dismissed
    Commercial Driver
    Charge - Commercial Vehicle in the wrong Lane Court - Fulton County State Court